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At We Smile Dentistry, when you smile, we smile! We don’t invest in technology because it makes our lives easier. We invest in technology because we care about our patients. Better technology means less invasive procedures, less time spent in the dental chair, and better oral health than ever before. Our restorations are created with precision technology to be beautiful, durable and natural looking, and can often be completed in a single appointment! Read more below to learn how advanced technology can improve your dental experience.

Air Abrasion

Our patients love our air abrasion technology, especially those with any level of dental anxiety about dental tools, “the drill” in particular. Air abrasion eliminates the need for a dental drill when removing tooth decay and preparing teeth for fillings and restorations. Air abrasion works like a tiny sandblaster for your teeth. A fine but powerful stream of air and particles safely and effectively removes areas of decay, leaving healthy tooth structure intact for a more comfortable, more conservative alternative to the drill.

Digital Radiographs

We have been using a form of Digital Radiographs (X-Rays) since 1995. Digital x-rays use much less radiation than traditional x-rays, so they are safer for you, the patient, and our team. Digital x-rays are more convenient as they can be taken in a matter of moments right from the dental chair. Less time required to take the image means less chance for movement and human error. Images are then sent to our computer system where they can be instantly viewed right on the screen.

Intraoral Cameras

In the past, the only way we could get a good look at the surfaces of your mouth was with our eyes and the help of a tiny dental mirror. Thankfully, intraoral camera technology gives a whole new view to help us better detect disease and decay. Intraoral cameras not only help us diagnose and treat oral health problems, they help patients see what we see. It can often be difficult to understand your oral health problems and your need for treatment when you cannot see the problem yourself. Intraoral cameras help us educate patients on what’s going on in their mouth.

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The Canary System®
Laser Cavity Detection

The only way we used to be able to detect cavities was through the magic of sight with the help of dental mirrors, and when they became visible on x-rays. With The Canary System®, we are able to illuminate areas of decay earlier than ever before. This helps us treat and fill cavities before they become larger and compromise more of your healthy tooth structure. Laser cavity detection can detect cavities under sealants, around restorations, below the tooth surface, and earlier than x-rays.

BIOLASE® Laser Dentistry

Laser technology has been another of the greatest advancements in recent years in the medical and dental fields. Treatments and procedures that used to require scalpels and sutures can now be completed without cutting and sewing. Laser technology targets diseased and infected tissue, leaving healthy tissue intact for a more conservative treatment. Our patients with any level of dental anxiety love our BIOLASE® laser because it takes the scary parts out of the equation. Laser dentistry provides a more conservative, more comfortable, less invasive experience with faster healing and better results.

CEREC® Same Day Dentistry

CERECIn the past, and in many dental offices still today, having a tooth restored would be a lengthy process that required messy impressions, a temporary restoration, and a few weeks between multiple appointments. With CEREC® same day technology, we shrink the whole process down into a single piece of chairside equipment that allows us to digitally design, create and place restorations like crowns and veneers in a single visit! Visit our Restorative Dentistry page to learn more.

VELscope® Oral Cancer Screenings

Previously, and in many dental offices still today, the only way we could detect oral cancer was when an abnormality became visible. By that time, it might be too late. Early detection dramatically increases your risk for survival and recovery. VELscope® oral cancer screening technology allows us to illuminate tissue abnormalities before they become visible. VELscope® is the world’s most widely used oral cancer screening device.

Periowave Laser Gum Therapy

If you’re suffering from gum disease and are looking for periodontal treatment in London, Ontario, you’ve come to the right place. We use Periowave laser technology that targets infected cells and leaves healthy cells intact, eliminating the infection and creating a healthy environment for healing. With Periowave, we can treat gum disease without invasive surgical techniques. Periowave offers a more comfortable experience with better results than ever before.


If you have any questions about our technology or would like to schedule a visit, please give us a call at (519) 661-0042 or get in touch with us online. Your London dentist, Dr. Giulio Spagnuolo and our team at We Smile Dentistry look forward to smiling with you! Serving smiles from London, St. Thomas, Lucan, Dorchester, Strathroy, and beyond!

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